Hi, I’m Dr. Ben:

Whole human being and functional medicine physician. I believe everybody holds limitless potential for self-transformation. I provide guidance, education, and concierge medical services to people seeking complete health change from within. Feel free to be in touch with me here.

If you’re wondering how I got here and what my personal health discovery journey looks like, you can learn more about me.

What is functional medicine?

Functional Medicine is a comprehensive, science-based framework changing the way patients and physicians work together to reverse complex medical conditions and optimize preventative health. Functional Medicine is by definition holistic, integrative, and systems oriented.

Your individual health is “your responsibility” but it’s intimately connected to a vast network of effects and inputs such as natural ecologies, physical environments, social relationships, belief structures, imprints, behavioral choices, biochemical individuality, genomic interactions… just to name a few.

Creating a detailed map with this level of personalized understanding requires a listening first approach. This means being fully present and investing quality time with every patient I treat.  Accurate observation is the first step to answering any and all medical questions.

By necessity, this is a different model than conventional medical practice and treatment.

Here are some of the major, important differences between the kind of functional medicine I practice and what you’ve likely come to experience from conventional medicine:

Functional vs. Conventional Medicine

Individual Care vs. Another cog in the System

Discovers and Treats Root Causes vs. Suppresses and Manages Symptoms with Drugs

Doctor Empowerers Choice vs. Doctor Controls Options

Health is Positive Vitality vs. Health is accepting what’s average and normal

Biochemical Individuality vs. “One Size Fits All”

Physiology First vs. Pharmacology First

Nature Provides Medicine vs. “The Machine” Provides Medicine

Positive Psychology = cultivate positive mind states

vs. Psychopathology = diagnose mental problems

Food is Medicine vs. Food is Whatever’s Edible

Diet is Wholesome Nourishment vs. Diet is Measuring Nutrients and Calories

Your time is valued by your physician

vs. Your time is determined by insurance companies

“I actively invest in my health” vs. “I have insurance for when I get deadly ill”

Optimal Care vs. Healthcare